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A health cultivation course to support bringing your emotions into harmony and rebooting your nervous system so you can be your most positive and energised self.
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Medical Qigong


Learn to utilise the Neuromedtec Respiratory Vagus Nerve Stimulation (rVNS) Medical Qigong Therapy System. With regular practice you may receive benefit if you experience any of the following conditions:






It was 1996, and at the young age of 18, I felt depressed and fatigued during the day and restless and anxious at night. I had an auto immune deficiency and it had taken over my body – every day was a struggle. Depression along with aggressive eczema and asthma made a constant impact on my day to day existence.

Countless doctors prescribed countless medications that only served as a temporary relief. Yet something inside me could not give up, and I knew there must be a way to heal.

One day I found the answers to my questions. During a martial arts class a man came in to demonstrate the power of Qi gong and taught us just 5 movements.

I could not believe it. It was the first time I felt breath move through my whole body. I felt calm and energised and gained a deep sense of hope that my body could heal.

I thought to myself that if I knew how to do this well, maybe I could heal myself permanently.

And so I began a journey, studying under Qi gong masters and learning to harness the power of this ancient healing art. I set out to understand how to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine and contemporary neuroscience, merging the best of medicine and the best of Shang Yang (nourising life practices).

I have had the honour of sharing this profound healing wisdom for 22 years in our private clinic and have now refined the techniques to make this powerful knowledge more easily accessible to those who want to learn.

And this is why you now have access to this online self healing course.

We have merged many different modalities to create Medical Movement Therapy, and our mission is to place these ancient and truly profound self healing secrets into the hands of humanity.

Discover self healing, self cultivation and nourish your own life, to create presence within awareness – the true source of being.


– Pete Larking


“Movement can replace many medicines but no medicine can replace movement"  – 

rVNS Medical Movement Therapy 

  • The rVNS (Respiratory Vagus Nerve Stimulation) Foundations course of 8 videos. This includes a powerpoint presentation on the functional restorative mechanisms and a practical guide to refine the technical aspects of the movements.
  • A Step by Step Guided Video Demonstration of the full rVNS  system, so you can simply play the video and do the process alongside as if I were there with you.

rVNS Science tutorials 

  • An advanced theory mastery course to support additional understanding of these powerful movements, to ensure you know the anatomical and physiological mechanisms that are generating this inner self healing medicine.
  • Ancient knowledge modern medicine,  learning from the Shang Yang (nourishing life practice). Explore the concepts form this ancient medicine and apply them to our modern life.

Bonus content

  • A PDF workbook with instructions on how to cultivate your daily practice, note taking space with the powerpoints form the course 
  • A powerful Meta Cognition Guided Meditation, with binaural beat gamma wave brain entrainment for transforming negative emotional states
  • A private Facebook group where we will post additional resources and you can ask questions about this course and share your results.

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