Medical Qigong Therapy 

Combining the ancient knowledge of Qigong & Chinese medicine with neuroscience
Creating a powerful Movement Therapy
Self healing and health cultivation
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Medical Qi gong Therapy Foundations course will introduce the four regulating methods of posture, breath, mind and movement.  This course will allow you to begin a foundational daily practice to cultivate your health and well being and start your health cultivation journey.

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Postural Integration

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Postural Integration - the first essential foundational practice of Medical Qigong Therapy. Learn to align postural abnormalities to improve structural integration, spatial and sensory awareness, mobility and mental well-being.

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Emotional State Nervous System Optimisation 

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Experiencing anxiety, stress, depression or insomnia? This course is for you! Learn to utilise the Neuromedtec Respiratory Vagus Nerve Stimulation (rVNS) Medical Movement Qigong System for mental health conditions.

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Medical Qigong Neuroscience 

Join Pete on this self cultivation mastery journey to understand how Qi gong and self cultivation arts works from a bio medical perspective. Learn the neurological anatomy and physiology of the functional restorative mechanisms of self cultivation techniques like Qi gong, Yoga and meditation.

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Peter Larking

Medical Movement Teacher

Medical movement therapy is the brainchild of Peter Larking.

Peter has studied self cultivation methods for 25 years. In that time he has achieved diplomas in Tuina, Qi gong, Taijiquan, Bio medical sciences and a Bachelor of Health Sciences specialising in acupuncture. He has studied Yin Yang Ba Pan (Ba Gua) and many different systems of Qi gong, both Wei dan (external) and Nei dan (internal). He is a former teacher at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture lecturing in Bio medical sciences, Neurological anatomy, Chinese Medical theory, Tuina, Qi gong, Taijiquan and advanced acupuncture systems.

Peter is a specialist and leader in Bio electric medicine, Neuropuncture (Neuroscience Acupuncture) and is a certified Neuropuncture practitioner and instructor. Peter is the Medical Director and co founder of Neuromedtec and provides Neuropuncture and Medical Movement Therapy in one of New Zealand's largest medical centres. 

From his 15+ years of teaching he imparts his extensive knowledge in a digestible way, bridging the gap between the Traditional Chinese medical model and neuroscience.

Peter wishes to impart his knowledge for the health and wellbeing of our communities. 

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Postural Alignment 

Have you struggled with postural alignment issues, limited mobility, pain or fatigue? Isn't it amazing how much these ailments can affect your mood, motivation and quality of life?

Postural alignment is the first and most important step to take in your Medical Movement Therapy journey and this will be the main topic of this week's lesson. 

Here's exactly what we'll be covering in the webinar:

  • Postural integration techniques for alignment of the joints, deep and superficial fascia, circulatory and nervous system pathways.
  • Sensory awareness training for the visual, vestibule and primary nociceptive nervous systems.

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